About Us

Let’s Energize Africa

PACIFIC PETROLEUM is committed to promoting socio-economic development of Africa by ensuring energy security. We strive for harmonious relationships between operation and safety, energy and the environment, corporate and community interests, and employers and employees

Our History

Pacific Petroleum limited is a private entity arised in Kenya and rapidly growing all over sub-Saharan Africa.   Pacific Group is aggressively expanding its market share in the region and has earned the trust of customers throughout Eastern Africa.
South Sudan, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo are among the markets where the group has ventured into oil marketing. The company's goal is to take advantage of its status as a young, up-and-coming business to provide services throughout the region. The journey of PacifiC in DRC started in July 2021 with a single fuel station in Selembao, within 6 months have grown to 9 operating fuel stations. In 2022, we are planning to expand the retails stations to 22 operating stations.

Who We Are

At PACIFIC we are fueling the growth of the energy business. Our reputation as a professional and reliable business partner is anchored in our fully-integrated downstream sector that enables us to control the full value chain from sourcing products  through our trading arm to their strategic storage and distribution to end consumers. We offer a wide range of products and services to our customers. Products include fuels, LPG and own-brand lubricants.

What We Do

We supply, store and distribute the oil and gas products needed by consumers, businesses and mining operations across sub-Saharan Africa.


We are committed to doing business with credibility and accountability. We always thrive to do the right thing. While meeting our health, safety, environmental and community standards and ambitious targets our commitment is rooted in our mission, vision, culture and best practice policies.

Director’s Message

"I am delighted to present Pacific Petroleum Company to you. Over the past few years we have successfully built our kingdom all over Sub-Saharan Africa. Pacific has built its reputation on the quality of its services, products and projects. And it gives me great pleasure to inform you that we have extended our business to DRC from 2021 with a great team.
Our numerous dedicated experts, who are committed to meeting and exceeding client expectations, are the key to building this goodwill. As a result, it is a team accomplishment that we were able to move faster in our role as the leading energy provider of oil and gas projects in DR Congo.
The company has scripted an envious growth in a short time and spring over to our vision step by step. We were increasingly able to focus on doing what we do best; safely delivering cost-effective and high quality fuels, facilities and services that meet or exceed our client’s expectations. We were managing the challenges of the downstream market- intelligently adding capacity and making the best use of our group network of skilled resources.
Whilst you scan through our website, you will find various kinds of Services provided by us that have resulted in unbeatable benchmarks and etched proud testimonies of excellent execution capabilities of Pacific Petroleum."

Sandra Tshibonge
Pacific Petroleum Ltd. DRC

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