Passion is Energy

Look forward to a fulfilling career. Your effort may have a good impact on your life, your neighborhoods, and the rest of the world.

At Pacific, everyone has a role to perform, no matter what it is. We are rapidly expanding, and we think that our success stems from the ability of our people to use cutting-edge technology to deliver more and cleaner energy.

We care about each other's success and well-being. We share a common principle that is a part of all we do within a culture of collaboration, respect, and honesty. Consider what we could accomplish as a group. We have a well-known culture of working together to achieve common goals. Our unique combination of physical, remote, and virtual teams producing fascinating projects and championing cross-cultural differences has made us a global success.

Honesty, integrity, and respect are essential values at our organization, and they assist to foster a diverse and inclusive atmosphere where everyone is cherished and valued. At Pacific, we care about our beliefs and how we treat others.

Our supportive network will help you settle in, build friendships and offer you an exciting opportunity to lead or coordinate business or community activities. 

Pacific is dedicated to the continuous development of its employees. We recognize that we can only be as good as the people we hire, so we actively seek out people who possess the rare combination of skill, experience, responsibility, commitment, and ambition that will contribute to Pacific Energy's reputation as a respected and successful company and an employer of choice.

Sales and Marketing (requirements)

Operation and Maintenance (requirements)

Sales Manager - Kinshasa

Mobile door to door delivery

Business Head

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