Group Companies

Pacific Petroleum Kenya

Pacific Petroleum Limited is a privately owned energy company in Kenya. The Company is licensed to procure and Market petroleum products in the domestic Kenyan Market as well as for Export to the neighboring East Africa region in Africa. The full range of petroleum products are marketed by the company and to engage in an efficient, responsible and profitable business whose vision is to become a key player in the Kenyan Energy Sector providing total Energy solutions.

Pacific S. Sudan

Pacific petroleum ltd. South Sudan is sister company of Pacific petroleum ltd. Kenya which is a leading energy company in S. Sudan. PACIFIC SOUTH SUDAN have 7 operating fuel stations and FUEL STORAGE TERMINAL in JUBA also. They also have a PACIFIC GAS-LPG Bottling & Distribution Plant. Successfully captured 30% Market Share for the LPG business in SOUTH SUDAN.


WAY SHIRE LOGISTICS was formed to fulfill the in - house transportation on demands of the group companies. Identifying the growing demands of transportation on in the country, GROUP decided to set up its own stand - alone transportation on unit t to help meet the fuel requirements of its group companies present in n landlocked countries.

Pacific Petroleum DRC SARL

Pacific Petroleum DRC SARL is the sister company of Pacific petroleum ltd. Kenya. Within 1 year Pacific Petroleum has become one of the leading Petroleum products providers in DRC.

Pacific Gaz

Pacific Gaz is the group company of Pacific Petroleum DRC and striving fast towards the best Gas providers in DRC.