How We Help


Pacific Retail puts customers first by offering the quality products and services they want, when they want them and at competitive prices. Through over 9 retail sites around DRC, we provide high quality fuels, lubricants, services and other products in a clean, safe and secure environment. Our network of convenience stores, cafes and restaurants is expanding fast.


We are proud to serve DRC’s major mines. Our 24/7 monitoring team ensures that all our partners are provided with uninterrupted and excellent services. We have a high-quality comprehensive fuel management system and access to a large fleet of trucks and fuel storage terminals across the coastal regions. Our products are up to ISO standards 18:16:13 for GASOIL 50 PPM-FUEL QUALITY.


Pacific Gaz bottles and transports liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), providing high-quality LPG at a competitive price and on time to a growing global customer base. 


Pacific Lubes provides a wide choice of dependable, high-quality lubricants to meet the demands of all customers. Our products meet or exceed automotive and industrial standards, and we use cutting-edge molecular technology that has been certified by all major original equipment manufacturers. We work closely with our corporate customers to create high-performance lubrication solutions that are suited to their specific needs.


We are proud to serve DRC's leading airlines and airports. Our customers know they can rely on us 24/7 to meet their needs - ensuring security of supply, high-quality fuel approved to international standards and fast turnaround times.


We have a specialised Commercial Team that includes experts on sales, programmes, and technical difficulties, as well as global, regional, and national representatives. The team is customer-centric, adaptable, and forward-thinking, providing energy solutions that go beyond fuel for a variety of industries, including B2B and wholesale


Pacific Energy supplies Gasoil-50 PPM to miners around the DRC.  Based on customer demands we can tailor logistics and supply chains to ensure delivery of petroleum goods to remote, difficult. Our fuel storage Depots allow us to provide our clients with a continuous supply of bulk fuel.

Pacific energies offers our mining customers a full range of products and services aimed at reducing carbon footprints and ensuring the lowest Total Cost Ownership.


    Users of Pacific energies benefit from proven, durable, and reliable gasoil that provides value to their operations across a wide range of sectors. For example, by switching to Pacific energies, you get high quality fuel, DIESEL-50 PPM meeting ISO 18 16 13 at the Dispensing level from the Road Tanker and Fuel Cleanliness level protocol is ISO 4406 using Fuel filters at the Loading Depot. We use stringent measures at the time of unloading to ensure the quality and quantity.

    For the exclusive storage and handling of our fuel products, we can supply and install fuel storage and handling equipment at the site for no cost. We have 200 fuel tankers at our disposal that deliver products to our customers on a regular basis. Our 24-hour monitoring crew ensures that all of our partners receive consistent and high-quality service.


    In today's mining industry, cost reduction is crucial without compromising the business productivity.

    Pushing equipment harder might increase production in the short term, but the long-term effects on equipment life, oil drain intervals, and the likelihood of unplanned downtime can cause serious problems for mining operations.

    We are continuously striving to adjust our offer to our customers' evolving demands, focusing on exactly those "extra" or "added" services that make all the difference to their enterprises, leveraging our innovative services and technological skills.

    We offer a variety of specialized services and technological advancements, as well as technical help, in the areas of fuels and lubricants, as well as the most efficient use of machinery, thanks to our devoted staff of technical specialists. As a result, we provide peace of mind to our consumers while also lowering their Total Cost of Ownership TCO.


    Pacific Commercial segment aim to be a quality diesel fuel provider of choice for corporate and distributing companies in many industries DRC including transportation, construction, manufacturing, power generation, mining, agriculture and home energy. We provide transport fuels, heavy fuel oils, heating fuels, new fuels and other innovative energy solutions that add value to your business, helping to improve the efficiency of your operations and reduce your environmental impact.